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Strong support for law enforcement, fire department, and first responders. 

Align the compensation, training, and resources we offer to our first responders with what surrounding communities offer. This will help Roanoke to retain its first responders and strengthen our community and neighborhoods.

Support citizens rights to defend themselves against violence, to legally and responsibly own a gun, and to exercise their Second Amendment rights. 


Eliminate the regulations, taxes, and policies that stand in the way of prosperity for our entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, museums, and non-profits. 

Allow citizen-led groups and commissions to help the City of Roanoke solve its most pressing issues. 

Re-allocate your tax money to areas that are important to YOU and your neighbors: education, safety, and maintenance. 


Make sure YOUR voice is heard and YOUR needs are met. 

Move city-wide elections from presidential years to state-wide years. (We'd vote for our city representatives when we vote for our state representatives. Our issues will not get tied up with national issues.)

An elected school board that reports to YOU instead of the City Council. 

Our planning and zoning commission elected by YOU instead of appointed by City Council. 

Give your neighborhood a seat at the table by moving from "at-large" city council elections to "ward" elections. This will move us away from one-party governing Roanoke and give each neighborhood a voice on City Council. 


Keep our parks clean, beautiful, and safe. 

Allow neighborhood associations to have a larger voice and sway in local zoning and planning decisions. 

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