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Tim Jones

Chief of Police, Roanoke City, Retired

Citizens of Roanoke City it's time for change. Stand behind Maynard Keller for City Council. The November election will be critical for the future of Roanoke City. The present council is only concerned about accommodation to the liberal ideology. The Mayor disregards the safety of citizens and releases convicted murderers from prison, through his appointment on the State Parole Board. Take a stand and send a message that you have had enough. Bring reasonableness back to city government; VOTE for Maynard Keller!

Octavia Johnson

Sheriff, Roanoke City, Retired

September 9, 2020





It is my informed belief that Maynard Keller is the candidate who is able to make positive change for the City of Roanoke. Maynard has lived in Northwest Roanoke for 24 years with his family. He has always had a desire to serve his community.


With the growth the City is experiencing, decisions being made will affect us for many years to come. Maynard has the wisdom and insight to make right decisions and will bring creative ideas to City Council. As a member of City Council Maynard will listen closely to the citizens questions and concerns, and work diligently to find solutions.


I endorse Maynard Keller because He will represent us, the citizens of Roanoke City on City Council and not his personal interest.


Octavia Johnson

Former Sheriff of Roanoke City

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